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AT Legal is a pioneering law company which redefines the boundaries of how legal services are delivered to the consumer. Quality and responsive advice provided through fast mediums of technology - we are here to help you react quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Providing a full range of services to a diverse group of clients across multiple industries. We help you to solve your problems - however large or small - and manage the risks. AT Legal gives you value by offering a team of expert counsel at an affordable fixed rate.

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Nicola took her law degree in Manchester (a very long time ago) and worked for the law firm Forshaws in Warrington as a legal clerk for a year before going back to university in Leeds to take the Legal Practice Course.

In 1994 she returned to Warrington to take up her training contract, again at Forshaws, for two years before qualifying as a solicitor in July 1996.

Nicola remained at Forshaws until she took maternity leave in 2000 and set up Nicola Williams & Co in 2001 in Cheadle village, Stockport.

By 2003 Nicola Williams & Co had grown to employ 5 staff with two trainee solicitors but sensing that change was in the air, in 2006 Nicola took the bold decision not to replace secretarial staff as they gradually decided to move on.

Whilst at the time it was unheard of for a solicitor not to have a personal secretary Nicola believes that this key change to her working practice was essential to survive moving into and eventually emerging from a long dark recession.

Nicola has always believed in providing sound practical legal advice at an affordable price and is not afraid to try new methods or technology to enable her to do so. It is her firmly held view that, sadly, it is nearly impossible for the traditional high street law firm to deliver an affordable service in modern times. We shouldn’t be afraid of this change. It is a natural and inevitable product of the evolution of the digital era.

In addition to her main practice Nicola bought and set up online divorce in 1999 but felt that this country wasn’t quite ready for such a novel approach at that time.

Over the years she has developed the website and introduced new software which has enabled her to significantly reduce the cost of using the online services.

Times and expectations have changed. Now an online divorce service is no longer only available through the standalone website but is also available here It’s perfectly safe to use and cheaper than traditional services we offer.

With the removal of legal aid from nearly all family law cases now upon us, who knows what the future holds for family law.

Nicola is happy that one positive will almost certainly come out of it. The government will inevitably promote family mediation as a result to encourage people to resolve their family disputes as economically as possible – and by avoiding court. Nicola herself trained as a mediator back in 2003 and believes that this is an exciting time for family law as well as a demanding one.

It will be strange at first for people to adapt to the new way of working out problems but Nicola is looking forward to helping them for many years to come.

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